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Brittany Flint

Chef Brittany Flint

CBF Catering

Chef Brittany

AKA Chef B

Personal Chef & Caterer

Let's talk food!

Located in my Historic Hometown of Fredericksburg, VA, I'm currently offering my Personal Chef services in the DMV. My cooking style is grounded in French Technique with a baseline of Southern and Caribbean flavor combinations. You could also describe my food to be a fusion of New American and classic world wide cuisines. I'm eclectic to say the least and am absolutely in LOVE with good food - no matter where it's from.

My a la carte services include Specialized Catering, Meal Preparation as well as Drop-off Catering. Before taking a look around consider becoming a site member by clicking the 'Subscribe Here' tab in the top right hand corner of your screen. Follow along for all the new, soon-to-be and exciting features I'm offering! 

What's New?

Chef Brittany & Jackson Flint
Order Family Meal

Check out the many different services available.

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Family Meal Delivery Service

local | small-batch | meal | delivery

The secret's out! In need of prepared meals that are fresh, delicious and easy to reheat? Then head to Family Meal. I've partnered with Chef Jackson to provide our Personal Chef meal delivery services to our lovely hometown of Fredericksburg. It's been a whirlwind launch full of love and support, and we're here to make your life easier. Sick of mealtime madness? We feel you! From planning and shopping to cooking and cleaning, Family Meal has you covered. Checkout our weekly menu, see how it works or place an order by clicking the button bellow.

Specialty Desserts

It's cookout season! Level up your pot luck with a magnificent dessert!

The Sweet Stuff menu is truly something special. My cheesecake boast a lucious, dreamy filling set into a crisp graham crust. Topped with vanilla bean studded creme fraiche, it's an experience you won't forget. Pre-order a 6" mini cheesecake for any occasion for $50. View my Spring dessert menu and discover more decadent delights.

Custom Boards & Catering

Book your Board [or Display] for any occasion 

Add a little Chef B flare to your next gathering. I offer drop-off and custom displays available. Perfect for a Bach party, date night in, open house, home gathering, Friendsgiving, birthday celebration, baby shower or marketing campaign.

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Home of Bz Boxes

I started Bz Boxes in 2020 exclusively as a contactless family style meal delivery service. After a brief break I realized I had more to offer and decided to "unbox" Bz Boxes. As you scroll and click your way through my new site you'll be able to read more about those services. Feel free to email me directly with questions, comments or inquiries.

Caterer and Personal Chef


Bio about B

Welcome to a little space on the Internet about me and what I do. For inquiries, bookings and more info you’ll see links everywhere, but before scrolling take a minute to read my story.
I’m Chef Brittany Flint offering my services as a Personal Chef and Caterer located in Fredericksburg, VA. Local to the area I graduated from Chancellor High School in 2007. After many tours of Art Institutes in D.C., Maryland and Chicago I pivoted and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Culinary Arts. With my folks backing me I applied and was accepted to ICC in Manhattan, then known as the French Culinary Institute, in 2008. While attending The International Culinary Center I rigorously trained in French Cuisine and Technique. When the quizzes, tests and technicals came naturally I had realized that I was on the right path.
After obtaining my Culinary Arts Certification in 2009 I joined an apprenticeship under Chef Brian Lewis at the prestigious Bedford Post Inn in Westchester County. In about a month I was hired on and began solidifying the foundation of my career. There I worked with many Chefs and Cooks all from different backgrounds with high end skills. Our team even supported Chef Brian Lewis as we cooked a five-course dinner at The James Beard House. Fully immersed in the culture of not only the kitchen but my colleagues’ I flourished and made my way up through the ranks to Junior Sous Chef in training. I found myself cooking dishes for celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Michael Douglas and owner Richard Gere to name a few.
A year flew by, as did my lease and back to VA I went. Beginning in D.C. I worked my way through many kitchens and found myself back in Fredericksburg. Shocked that I never noticed our local restaurant scene before. However, I moved back home a little more grown up and with a wider perspective. Here I was able to gain experience in fast pasted niche kitchens, corporate catering and hospital dinning. 
It’s been 14 years since Culinary School, and I still feel as though I’m on the right path. Everything I’ve learned, everyone I’ve learned from has conditioned me for my own venture. I have linked the ICC’s website below. If you’re curious in cultivating your culinary skills I highly recommend you taking a peek.


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Hey Y'all - Chef B here!

Catering your Intimate Event

Let's Collaborate!

Tinkering with the idea of throwing a special celebration - reach out to me. I specialize in catering high end intimate events and have done so for the past eight years. My main focus is the food but also offer planning and coordinating services. Typically, when clients approach me, they have an idea of the type of food as well as how they want their event to flow. I come up with a menu, get it approved and then get to work on a detailed proposal. 
When pricing I take you [the client] into consideration and provide a customizable menu, base price per person and option to add-on desserts, upgrade wares, as well as stations and services. Planning something special? Take a look at tiered pricing, sample menus and submit an inquiry form below.

Coming Soon

Support me by purchasing and utilizing my customized grocery totes and graphic T-shirts.

Blogs & Recipes

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Connect with me

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