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Personal Chef & Caterer

Believe it or not I've spent years cooking meals, catering special events and dinners for you. If you've dinned out, booked a wedding or private dinner in the Downtown area in the past decade chances are I was apart of a percentage of those meals. Of course it wasn't just me, but now it is! The experience I give you is one of a kind and can only be done for your specific Culinary needs. Next time you're planning a celebratory dinner, a brunch party, or themed event consider me. I guarantee your satisfaction.
Scroll through my gallery of Special Meals for a sneak peak of the finished product.

Request A Proposal

No matter the size of your event, I specialize in making it phenomenal!

Tell me about your event! Take this as an opportunity to address certain [if not all] of your event details like dietary restrictions/preferences, location, budget, guest count, etc. Please allow at least 24 hours to receive a finalized proposal. My proposals include a customized menu with pricing by the dozen or per person - depending on the type of event. Packages begin as disposable, drop-off catering with options to add on luxury services.

Thanks for submitting!


Need a little guidance? Keep reading to narrow in on how you want your event to go👇🏽

Sample Menus

Drop-off  Catering

Caught up in the  planning process of your event? This package is perfect for you. I handle the menu, shopping, food preparation, care instructions and deliver everything to your door. Enjoy right away or later - either way you're set to cruise on auto pilot for the remainder of your party. Pricing varies between $25-$75 per person depending on your menu items, but includes all necessary disposables as well as 1 hour of set up.

*$3.30/mile Travel fee applies.*



Grazing Displays

Wanting something elegant but that can also feed a crowd? I customize all my displays to your specific needs. They typically include a variety of six - eight stationary hors d'oeuvres [6-10 pieces per guests] with options to add-on more as well as 2 hours of grazing. Pricing varies depending on menu items and rental needs but range anywhere between

$65-$80 per person, but includes disposable plates, napkins and utensils.

*Please note that a 35% service fee is applied to all grazing displays. Clients are required to provide tables but I am happy to do so at an additional flat rate cost.*


Onsite Catering

Take your intimate dinner to the next level by having me prepare you and your guests a custom meal in the comfort of your own home. This collaboration can get as fancy as you'd like and includes stationary or passed hors d'oeuvres, salad, entrée with two sides and desserts - all with the option to add more courses as well as a signature cocktail or wine pairing. Again pricing depends on your menu items as well as rental needs, but the range is $85 - $135 per person.

*Please note that for parties over 10 guests a 20% service fee applies. There is a $10pp rental fee added for all necessary wares. For platted services a 35% fee will be added for staffing.*

What does your service fee include?

Elegant Grazing Table Service: Setup, Display & Maintenance

My grazing table setup includes:

  • Tiered risers: Available in a variety of colors (black, white, bronze, gold, and silver) to create a visually appealing display.

  • Diverse serving platters: Including white, blue and gold rimmed ceramics, terracotta bowls, silver platters, and wooden boards, offering a unique and textured presentation.

  • Tablescape design: I incorporate fresh herbs, flowers, and sometimes even seasonal produce to elevate the aesthetic of your grazing table.

  • Printed menus: Clearly outlining the delectable treats on offer for your guests.

  • Elegant serving utensils: Ensuring a seamless grazing experience.

  • Disposable options: High-quality disposable plates and utensils are also included.

My service entails:

  • 1 hour of setup: I will arrive an hour before your event to meticulously assemble and style your grazing table.

  • 2 hours of grazing: Your guests will have a full 2 hours to enjoy the bountiful selection on the grazing table.

  • 1 hour of breakdown: I will efficiently disassemble and remove the grazing table setup after your event - leaving leftovers on disposable plates.

  • Attentive service: Throughout your event, I [or a member of my team] will be readily available to ensure the grazing table remains impeccably presented and well-stocked with your chosen selections.


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