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The purpose of this blog is to provide culinary inspiration by suggesting in season produce, gourmet ingredients, simple recipes and product recommendations. If you're not already submit your email to be added to my monthly campaign. I promise not to fill your inbox with junk - just updates, recipes, culinary tips, history and trends.


Hey May!

Twelve days into May and I'm FINALLY posting this month's blog [boombastic side eye]. As warm weather approaches so does Mother's Day, Memorial Day and best of all - Berry Season! Below I'll share a few Sunday Brunch tips for this weekend, gifts for the Culinary Inclined Mom, BBQ Favorites and of course lovely produce to snag at May's Market.


Mother's Day Brunch

Here, I'll be sharing a few easy tips on how to include your kiddos in on Mother's Day Brunch prep.

First, fill them in. Have them assist with the planning of the meal. Ask them for their input. Let them write the grocery list and assign prep tasks for them to do the day of. You'll be shocked how much this will help you keep things simple and stay within budget.

Secondly, let them cook! They probably have stood by in awe of you [mom and dad] whipping up their favorite snacks, meals and treats, and let me tell you they're ready! Of course rein them in when it comes to heat and knives. Things like cracking eggs, cutting herbs with kitchen shears, mixing batter, picking/arranging flowers, making coffee, setting the table and washing dishes are just a few ways your little ones can get involved.

Lastly, enjoy the process. Personally it's tough to stand by as eggshell after eggshell make its way into the pancake batter. Not only are they absorbing the foundation of such an essential skill - they're also building confidence, becoming more independent and making Mother's Day ever sweeter in the process.


For the Mom Who Runs Things in the Kitchen

1.) Food Mill

Depending on how advanced her passion for scratch cooking is this is a versatile, long lasting piece of equipment. The food mill is perfect for big batches of perfectly whipped potatoes, cloud like gnocchi, homemade fruit butter and tomato sauce. If the mom in your life enjoys making any of the above get her this! You''l be able to find one in any price range but I have had my OXO Good Grip mill ($55) for over 10 years. Pictured above is a metal Frieling ($99) - I recommend OXO because their products are so durable.

2.) Solid Wood Cutting Board

Even if your mom has one already it may be time for another. Honestly you can never have too many of these. Not only are these types of boards beautiful and eye catching but they elevate any display. Multiple boards means one could be utilized for produce and the other for meats. They even make for an awesome "station". One of my boards lives by the stove and stores my oils, butter, salt and pepper mills plus utensils. You can find a large board like the one above ($150) at just about any high end kitchen supply store. Crafting one yourself is also an option for the DIY'ers.

3.) A Proper Chef's Knife aka a Nakiri

This Japanese style knife makes chopping veggies, slicing fruits and shaving meats a breeze. Specifically, it's thin blade glides through food effortlessly. While the peened steel keeps veg from sticking to the knife. Creating a highly efficient tool that cuts down prep time. Pictured above is Milk Street's version, currently on sale for $55.

4.) Fresh Herb Garden

Perennial herbs are best but grab the healthiest, smallest ones you can find. Try to use an organic, peat free potting soil or compost when repotting. Herbs like cilantro, thyme, tarragon, mint, lemon grass, parsley and basil do best in pots. This pretty blue and White Ceramic Tray ($60) may be too late to ship. Luckily The Burg is full of small businesses to choose from. While you're out at the markets this weekend head to Du Jardin Home & Garden or the Ponshop for a unique selection to choose from.


BBQ Favs

Memorial Day weekend marks the end of school, the start of summer and for some the beginning of a hard earned vacay. Here are a few of my grilling favs:

Sausages, and I ain't talking Johnsonville. I go to Wegman's for Chorizo, The Olde Towne Butcher for Andouille and Wilson's Meat Market [trust me it's worth the drive] for everything in between.

Burgers. Char-grilled burgers are the quintessential food for cook outs. Use a higher fat to meat ratio (75/25%), pre-portion your meat with an ice cream scoop, assemble your condiments and get to grilling. Elevate your backyard burger with herbs, sea salt and cracked pepper.

Wings. They're easy to prep, cook quick and are a crowd pleaser. My go to rub is brown sugar, smoked paprika, pepper, garlic powder and salt. Par-cooking them in the oven isn't required but I always take the extra step to ensure the wings I'm serving are crispy.

Romaine. Grilled Romaine salads are magnificent on their own or chopped then added to a tossed salad. Drizzle on your very own vinaigrette [balsamic, honey, garlic, mustard and evoo], crumbled cheese and toasted nuts for a quick, light and healthy side.


May Market

It's berry season y'all! I'm sure you've seen strawberries everywhere but keep your eye out for raspberries too! You can also find strawberries growing wild all over your yard and soon blackberries on walking trails.

Let's not forget about Rhubarb now. This veggie makes for an awesome addition to any berry crumble, pie or jam.

Breakfast radishes, asparagus and arugula are everywhere this time of year. Which is fitting considering how well these three go together.

Grab a few year-round staples like potatoes, spinach and greens. As well as some seasonal cabbages, cukes and peas.


As always, I hope you find inspiration from this post. Continue to follow along with me on Facebook, The Gram, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube for more behind the scenes clips, quick recipes, tips and more! Eat well my friends.

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Mary Getts
Mary Getts
May 13, 2023

Your blogs are AWESOME!!!!

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