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It's Game Time!


Tomorrow is Super Bowl 57 and with that comes ultimate snacking and grazing. To be totally honest I'm more excited that The Princess of Barbados [a.k.a. Rihanna] is performing the Halftime Show. Now if you didn't already know I'm Bajan-American and will be celebrating with a pitcher of the Bajan classic Rum Punch. It's bubbly, slightly bitter, sweet and refreshing. Add a little Barbados flare to your game day tomorrow by giving this recipe a try.


Bajan Rum Punch


A Few Things to Keep in Mind


Dark vs Light

This is a Caribbean beverage and requires good quality Rum. I prefer to use dark aged rum but light rum will also do. Bumbu is my family's go-to because not only is it a product of Barbados but it's smooth and has sweet vanilla notes which makes it possible to drink on the rocks. A local alternative is Vitae Spirits Golden Rum. It's less sweet but oh so tasty. Check out both distilleries by clicking the links below.


Bitter vs Sweet

This recipe calls for Mauby syrup. Mauby is another Bajan classic made from tree bark that is bitter. I like to use this to compliment the sweetness of the rum and fresh fruit juice. You can substitute this with traditional bitters or leave it out all together. Also if you're like me and enjoy a sweeter cocktail add a splash of grenadine or simple syrup.

Fruit Juice

Fresh is Best

Be sure to use freshly squeezed juice for all your homemade cocktails. For this recipe lime is required but I added clementine as well for extra freshness and sweetness. This is punch after all.


Club Soda vs Tonic

This punch needs some bubbly. I prefer Club soda but Tonic water also works. If you're feeling adventurous throw some sparkling wine in for more of a punchy sangria.


Just a Touch

In addition to Bajan distilled Rum, Mauby syrup, Grenadine and Lime - Nutmeg is another pillar of Rum Punch. All you need is a sprinkle and you'll be amazed how scrumptious this flavor pairs with the other ingredients.


Use What Ya Got

It doesn't take much to make this drink pop. Utilize your ingredients by reserving the juice from your cherries and slicing a sliver from your fruits.

Here's What You'll Need



2 tsp Mauby Syrup - optional

2 tsp Grenadine - optional

1 Clementine - juiced

1 Lime - juiced

1-2 Shots of Bumbu or your favorite rum

Club Soda

Fresh Nutmeg

Maraschino Cherry



Check out this Clip from TikTok!

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