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Chef Brittany Flint

A blog just because...

The purpose of this blog is to provide culinary inspiration by suggesting in season produce, gourmet ingredients, simple recipes and product recommendations. If you're not already submit your email to be added to my monthly campaign. I promise not to fill your inbox with junk - just updates, recipes, culinary tips, history and trends.


Chef B - Personal Chef and Caterer

Welcome to my blog page. As Seen on TikTok features recipes from my many cooking clips on the app. Most of these clips are from my high-end meal subscription Supper Club. I offer a range of Personal Chef services including meal delivery, meal subscription and catering services.

Personal Chef Brittany Flint

As I continue to research, test, cook, and perfect the recipes I plan on sharing you'll see a lot of clips on Social Media. Give me a follow, browse through my profiles and stay tuned for the next recipe. Feel free to leave a comment if a video especially interests you. I like to keep it simple and fun in the kitchen and tend to reflect that in my clips.

What you'll read

I like to keep my post short, sweet and to the point. However I include my inspiration for the dish I'm featuring. The kitchen is where I grew up and can relate just about any technique to a childhood memory. Expect recipes that your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and loved ones can join in and assist. Wether it's buttering a dish, peeling potatoes or taste testing it's an extremely sensory and bonding experience for children. Plus it lays a foundation for a most necessary skill they need to master in life.

My Vibe

Food, family, culture and tradition are deeply rooted in my cooking style. You'll be able to see my heritage as I document my take on my Caribbean and Southern grandmothers' recipes. Enjoy the ride of the ultimate Culinary fusion.

Interested in my services? Subscribe, message and book a consultation here.

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